A little change to the polices

This might not be noticed at first but there has been a change to the polices.

The following has been added to the polices

Behavior on other wikis determines if you can contribute to this wiki.

Unacceptable usernames are not allowed, if your username is EX: (I eat poop) that's not allowed.

You must be 13 years or older to contribute.

This is because I've made it more noticeable. The ones that I added was behavior on other wikis, unacceptable usernames (might be a possibility) and needing to be 13 years or older to contribute. The reason for this is because I'll go check users behavior on other wikis. If they have a bad behavior across wikis then a ban will insue. For unacceptable usernames please do not make an account with an inappropriate username. Once again if the username is unacceptable a ban will insue. And for needing to be 13 years or older I've added that because of the online protection act. If the user is not 13 a ban will insue and end the day the user is 13 years old.